Stepan Company Values

Stepan Company employees are unified in our vision to deliver innovative chemical solutions for a cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient world. Watch the video to learn more about the values that drive success at Stepan Company.

George Tutt
7 months agoJuly 30, 2020
I am very proud to work for Stepan and of my colleagues throughout the world!
Emerson Castillo
7 months agoJuly 30, 2020
I also very thankful and proud to belong the group that work together
Katie Weaver
7 months agoJuly 30, 2020
Fantastic video, I am very proud to work for Stepan!
Margarita Madrigal
7 months agoJuly 30, 2020
Let's be an example of these values ​​and do our best to keep Stepan successful. I am grateful for my work and for the support that Stepan offers to be Safe and be able to keep going. Excellent video ! Congratulations on the great result.
Eva Steingold
7 months agoJuly 30, 2020
Outstanding...I am proud to work at Stepan!
Vinod Menon
7 months agoJuly 30, 2020
Arturo Olvera
7 months agoAugust 2, 2020
Janet and Jason---Fantastic JOB!!
This is a remarkable way on how easy is to transmit our Company values to All our Stepan Collaborators!!----When we really live Our Company Values, is very easy to transmit them!!! --

Many Thanks for sharing your Passion to live Our Company Values!!

Yes!!!, We All Together, with Passion and working as a Team we will continue Making a Difference!!
Mike Maretich
7 months agoAugust 3, 2020
Janet and Jason, well done!  So proud and honored to work for a Company with these Values!
7 months agoAugust 19, 2020
Great video, I'm so proud to be part of an amazing Company.
Dave Norberg
4 months agoOctober 29, 2020
Fantastic video that gets to the heart of it.  Very professional.
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