Welcome to the Stepan Agricultural Innovation Center

Ellen Murphy
7 months agoMay 21, 2021
Impressive facility!
Faith Savanhu
7 months agoMay 21, 2021
Wow, what a fantastic video and facility! Very well done. I'm excited that Stepan is expanding our capabilities in Ag.
Kim Wright
6 months agoMay 28, 2021
Wow, looks amazing!! Glad to see it come to fruition.
Terri Germain
6 months agoJune 3, 2021
Smart and tailored use of Stepan ingredients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agrochemicals in the world... well done Stepan!
Todd Baker
6 months agoJune 3, 2021
Very proud of the Winder AG Team.  Nice video.  Well deserved new facility.
Marcelo Rubio
6 months agoJune 3, 2021
This is outstanding !!!  Clear demostration of our growth vision. Congratulations to all involved.
6 months agoJune 3, 2021
Great facility.  Demonstrating the commitment to investing in R&D.  Growth, Innovation & Sustainability in action.
Vinod Menon
6 months agoJune 3, 2021
Leonel Nolasco
6 months agoJune 3, 2021
6 months agoJune 4, 2021
Dave, Anthony, Amy, Krista, Jordan, Reba, and the entire Stepan Ag innovation team look forward to watching us further surprise and delight our Ag customers.  Congradulations!
Barry Warner
6 months agoJune 4, 2021
Very nice facility, attractive architecture. A welcome addition showcasing commitment to Ag. customers.
Michelle Kazak
6 months agoJune 4, 2021
This innovation center is amazing!  What a great way to make a commitment to the Ag market and customers in order to showcase how Stepan can be an integral partner.  The team in Winder is also the reason why this innovation center will be a success now and for years to come!
Ben Schuetzenhofer
6 months agoJune 4, 2021
Innovative thinking such as this is one reason I love working for a company like Stepan, what a great facility and great step forward for our organization!
Arturo Olvera
6 months agoJune 6, 2021
This is a big leap to materialize ideas to be converted in innovative and sustainable applications for the today's future!
Great explanation of all Participants in the video. Great Job!!!

Fantastic example to walk the walk Vision-Mission-Values & Behaviors of our Company!!
Carroll Kearse
6 months agoJune 7, 2021
Committed to Excellence and Innovation!
Brett Paddock
6 months agoJune 7, 2021
That's awesome!
Gino Rombey
6 months agoJune 9, 2021
Very impressive!
Monica Brown
6 months agoJune 16, 2021
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